Prioridades [Español]

San Mateans need unbiased, unwavering representation and leadership now more than ever.  We need caring leaders to unite and support our community during these challenging times.  We need thoughtful leaders to make decisions today so we rebound stronger tomorrow.


I know how to lead. This is how I can help. I will work tirelessly for our neighborhoods and for all San Mateans to:

Ensure San Mateo implements a comprehensive recovery plan that promotes economic and social revitalization for residents and businesses while maintaining the City's fiscal soundness.

Ensure funding to recruit and retain the best police and firefighters to keep San Mateo safe and minimize wildfire risk.

Work with our residents, City and regional partners to break the traffic gridlock that degrades the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Expand sensible affordable housing options that fit the character of San Mateo so more teachers, police, firefighters, young people, families and seniors can live here.

Advocate for increased access to childcare, afterschool programs and age-friendly City policies to nurture our future generations, support our families and tap into the experience of our seniors.

Increase San Mateo's leadership in environmental sustainability to protect our people and planet.




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由納什支付的市議會2020 FPPC#1423191



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